"She is a musician of extraordinary discipline, but every note that she plays is saturated with emotion. When you can say this of a pianist playing Bach, observing at the same time the almost uncanny articulation of the music’s complexity, then you know you are witnessing something rare and remarkable."

INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara

"Egle's trademark is passion - not the sloppy, all-over-the-map passion of the melodramatist, but the laser-sharp, directed passion of the true virtuoso. The music always comes first, not her brilliance, however remarkable that is."

INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara

"An artist can have great talent, which can be developed, but taste is something that cannot be taught. Januleviciute has great talent, and- her taste is impeccable... This was an evening beyond price.


"[Egle Januleviciute's performance] was powerful, lingering, and meant to fill every corner of the hall, but thunderous as Januleviciute whipped up a storm . . . her recital mesmerized the audience and earned her several standing ovations."  


"Egle played Beethoven's Appassionata . . . as an epic, passionate music drama pouring straight from the soul of composer, before he wrote it down. I have seldom heard a more powerful and perfectly integrated rendering of this work, but her performance drove out all memory of the others."  

INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara, CA

"Of the events that still ring in the mind, I would say that none will be likely to reverberate longer in the memory than two solo recitals by Egle Januleviciute, pianist. The great age of virtuoso pianists may be past, but Egle is young, living proof that a pair of human hands can still extract thrills and powerful magic from a keyboard. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin, Liszt -- Egle revived them for one more raid against the Empire of Despair."  

INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara, CA

" . . . as she demonstrated conclusively in this concert, Egle Januleviciute is an artist of the very highest caliber . . . Horowitz or Richter might have played the same four pieces and, all in all, could scarcely have given a better account of them than Egle did."

INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara, CA

“The astonishingly gifted Egle Januleviciute, who seems destined for stardom, can make the densest score sound transparent and the most intricate sound easy.”  


"Egle Januleviciute had compelling ideas, plenty of nervous energy . . . and fine command of line."  

THE PLAIN DEALER, Cleveland, OH    

“It's remarkable for one so young to have such clear-cut, distinctive ideas and, happily, the talent to give voice to them. Always analytical, her playing is never boring or dull.”  


"Egle Januleviciute is a pianist of real distinction. Her musical artistry is of a high caliber, her pianistic technique formidable and her interpretative insights have great sensitivity and individuality."  

James Gibb
Professor Emeritus
Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London    

"I was impressed with Egle's wide range of pianistic and musical qualities and convincing projection. She plays with sincerity and integrity and is very honest to the score."  

John Lill
Juror, Scottish International Piano Competition, Glasgow